Your Co-op Advantage newsletters - published bi-monthly by FCE

May/Jun 2016 - Dairy month information; speak up and share the real story of agriculture; FCE's mission; current market influences; new road at Southfork; smooth agronomy season; Houston feed mill updates; agriculture celebrations; hay management; fly management; heat stress aids; feed and agronomy interns; Troy King hired; Todd Landt and Krystal Regan promoted to regional Purina positions; county fairs; commodity trading primer and examples, and tools FCE has to help producers; stand counts, an essential decision making tool; reminder to schedule top dress applications, and how the RoGator works; and black cutworm warning.

Mar/Apr 2016 - Tips for spring planing; bees and sensitive areas; mission statement; precision ag; grain markets; all milk is antibiotic free; enhance profitability with grain marketing tools; check bins to make sure grain isn't going bad; fly control and creep feed booking program; show feeds; dairy rations; feed mill construction; feed mill manager computer program; grain services; credit policies; unclaimed patronage checks; Horse Owners Workshop; Rover Run; Mike Root attends Dairy 301, joins elite group